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About Wobbles

Play as a godly figure, guiding a line of adorable creatures called Wobbles across a landscape that you manipulate using various gadgets. As players do this, they are progressing the Wobbles civilization through the eras and advancing their technology, ultimately unlocking new gadgets for you to use.

Wobbles features six different eras for players to play through, each with their own unique gadget that modifies the environment around them. Each era features ten levels for you to play in, leaving the player with 60 levels to play.

Key Features

  • Progressing Civilization - As players progress the Wobbles civilization, they feel rewarded and like they are making an impact on the Wobbles society. 
  • Adorable Creatures - Wobbles are adorable little creatures that everyone will love. Wobbles will have different costumes in each era, adding a lot of variety to the game!
  • Tons of levels - Wobbles has 6 eras for you to progress through, each with 10 levels bringing you 60 levels to play.
  • Unique mechanics and levels - Each world features it’s own unique mechanics combined with the ones unlocked from previous levels. This leads into fun and interesting puzzles that can be solved in many different ways. 


Wobbles is a winner of the “Best Entertainment Game” award from the Mass DiGI Game Challenge in March 2013, hosted at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center. 

A Quick Note Before You Play

Wobbles was originally released on August 27th, 2013 for iOS and Android. This is the exact same game released then, just recompiled for PC. 

As the game was originally built for mobile devices, there may be some terminology such as "tap" or "pinch to zoom" that can be be replaced by left clicking with your mouse, or scrolling with your mouse wheel.  

As this game has not been updated since 2013 and was intended to be a mobile game, there is a possibility that not all features will work as intended. Just something to keep in mind. 


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